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Hope is the key to success
Dear friends,We all lives in hopes.It is the hope that we will be better off by tomorrow that keeps us going today.And this hope of success is sustained by optimism and strengthened by cheerfulness .We all wants to be happy.We do everything today and we plan actions for the future in order to be happy.That is why a younger hopeful man though inexperienced succeeds while experienced but pessimistic individual loses out.

To win we have to be optimist.To attract others we have to be cheerful.To succeed we need co-operation and acceptance.Optimism keeps our hopes alive.It makes us think positively.Sooner or later the man who wins is the man who thinks he can.We may be young and inexperienced today but our eagerness ,enthusiasm,cheerfulness and industry could make all the difference.If we are willing and keen,if we display courage and dash,and if we also show patience and perseverance we will invariably win.

Many new opportunities are being unfolded before our eyes. Planning will enable us to select the best route to reach our goal in the possible time.An old Chinese proverb says:

“If you are planning for one year,plant grains.If you are planning for ten years,plant trees.If you are planning for hundreds years,plant men” Let us then work in a planned and systematic manner to accomplish our goals and reap success.Industry,effort or toil guided by common sense ,imagination and resoluteness will lead us to the very top.

With the passing of every year new challenges set into fulfill new dreams and achieve new goals. Our institution believes grooming its students to grow up into matured and successful professionals in whichever field they step into and with this purpose in view ABC Alma Mater is moving ahead.

It gives me pleasure to see our former students who are selected in various prestigious institutions for various courses like CPMT, AIEEE,IIT’s. Yet we are aware that we cannot rest on our past levels but need to march on constantly on the never ending path of success.

I extend my heartiest thanks to management, teaching and non-teaching staff for their commitment and dedication.I also convey my heartfelt thanks to the parents for their cooperation and solidarity with me in my attempts to provide our children with a better and brighter future. Dear children my message to you is that always remember to hold on to your dreams and achieve them diligently and honestly like Abraham Lincoln who had said,”I walk slowly but I never walk backward”

I take this opportunities to congratulate all the students, teachers management and the editorial board in particular for bringing out our first school magazine.

With every passing years we are growing fast in infrastructure and strength.All this is not possible without the active and enthusiastic help of our able guardians and parents.They have always been our strongest support and well wishers.

I pray to God Almighty to bless all with happiness profound and bestow wisdom and strength.

With best wishes


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