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Morning assembly is a very auspicious occasion of the day. All the students assemble at one place. Prayers,thoughts for the day, news of the day,GK,current topics, gayatri mantra and vedic prayers are followed every day.Special long assemblies are held to observe festivals and national festivals.It is compulsory for all the students to attend the morning assembly.

The school provides all opportunities to every child for his physical,moral and mental development and with this end in view “The House System”has been introduced and all the sports and co-curricular activities are organized housewise in the school.Each house is represented by two prefects .The house system encourages healthy competition and helps in establishing a close teacher pupil relation.It further help in developing leadership quality among students and in relation of social and moral values under the guidance of their respective house wardens.

The school lays great emphasis on the physical fitness of the students and tries to provide facilities for games, sports and recreational activities for all. All students are expected to participate in routine games and the physical training program of the school, unless they are exempted from full participation on medical grounds.Exemption for participation in co-curricular activities is only given to students on the basis of medical grounds with the sanction of the principal.The programme includes rhythmic exercises, yoga,taekwondo ,meditation, atheletics, sports and games etc .The school has made it mandatory for all the students to participate in games and sports.

Parents teacher co-operation is essential for the continuous and harmonious growth of the students. We believe that the ‘parents are the first teachers and teachers are the second parents’.The process of informal education sets in motion at birth and gets momentum in the school, the centre of formal education.To bring out the childs home influence should supplement school efforts.Both school and home should help the child to form desirable behavioral patterns, healthy habits and positive attitudes in personal and social life to make him/her a pride of the family and an assets for the society .For the same purpose parents meet the teachers periodically to discuss the progress of their respective wards. Parents meet is followed by a general staff meeting in which the principal and the teachers exchange their views on school matters.
The school appreciates the fact that parents could be engaged in more demanding matters, but requests the guardian to provide a communication in this regard. The school appreciates close co-ordination between the parents and the teacher to further the child’s progress.

Outing is the part of education. The students are made aware of the importance of a clean and healthy environment by taking them to various excursions.We organize excursions and camps in order to promote global fraternity and brotherhood .Tours to places of historical,educational and industrial importance are organized for students of all age groups in order to give them the right exposure and broaden their vision.

For taking the students out of tedious and burdensome job of studies they are supplied a new atmosphere where they can rejoice by participating the cultural events organized from time to time. Moreover , to imbibe them the national fervor the festivals like Teachers Day. Independence Day and The Republic Day is delightfully accorded to highlight the sacrifice and dedication of freedom fighters .Very often textbook lessons are dramatized in the class and children are trained in the art of speech, acting and singing.

Enrichment of social and cultural habits ultimately shapes a balanced personality in an individual when switching over from adolescence to adulthood.The Hobby Clubs of the school help to develop the creativeness and skills of the student.A detailed schedule of inter house and inter class competitions are drawn up in the school.Debates,essay writing.declamation,recitation,speech contest,paper reading. solo and group dance/songs, on the spot painting,Quiz and GK contest ,Fancy Dress,handwriting and antakshari competition are held regularly .These activities are conducted under the supervision of the trained school staff.

‘Reading maketh a full man”to inculcate the habit of reading amongst the children and encourage learning among them, the school provides an excellent library and reading room facility .It is well stocked with books covering all spheres of activities and varied tastes.Besides many magazines and newspapers, students are required to come to to library as part of normal school routine in order to inculcate the habit of reading.

The school has a spacious science laboratory to impart practical knowledge and to develop a spirit of inquiry among the students. Students are encouraged to take up various projects of their interest with the help and under the active guidance of their teachers.

An exhaustive program for giving in service training to teachers is being organized periodically to ensure that the teachers are regular touch with the latest trends in education.

The school take utmost care of the performance of the students in the field of academics.Remedial classes for the low achievers,slow learners and gifted students are conducted during normal school days as well as vacations.

The school publishes a school magazine ‘INNOVATION’ on various facets of school activities.It consists of articles,poems,stories etc contributed by students and edited by an editorial boards.

As computer have become a part of life in the present setup of fast moving and progressing world , it has also affected our daily life which has necessitated the knowledge of the subject for the student of all the age groups.In this course our tiny tots cannot stay aloof .So computer have been introduced in the curriculam enabling the blooming buds of ABC Alma Mater to satisfy their curiosity .To draw out the best quality among the students we have also introduced the internet facility in our school.Computer education is compulsory from class first onwards.

The school has well qualified and experienced teaching staff capable enough to shoulder every responsibility enthusiastically and dedicate the services according to the expectations of the parents.They channelize their potential in right direction to groom the students for achieving covetous and key position in all the fields.

The school provides transport facility for the students attending school. All transport charges is decided upon the prevailing market price of fuel and corresponding hire charges. The feasibility of providing transport facility depends on the minimum number of students required to cover the bare minimum cost of running the facility.

The school has always been secular in nature from its inception since 1999. In view of its secular nature no individual deity or religion is propagated in the school.The daily assembly consists of reciting the Lord’s Prayer(here no specific God is mentioned), the National Pledge, the National Anthem, and lectures on general knowledge and health care.

The Administrative Superintendent coordinates all activities related to education with the parents. The school has an affirmative approach to problem solving. The attempt to solve individuals problem within 24 hours and it is the duty of the teacher to ensure the fulfillment of this commitment. Parents are requested to feel free and follow-up as many times as they consider fit, and the school is committed to respond as long as the complaint is justified and the solution logically feasible. Should the administrative superintendent not respond in an affirmative manner then the principal is committed to draw up an amicable solution. Parents are informed that they can feel free to come up with complaints and suggestion and the school is committed to respond affirmatively without attaching any grudges to the students concerned.

In tandem with its policy on continuous learning, the school provides for Holiday Homework for all breaks. It is the responsibility of the guardian to collect the said homework from the school should their child provide for a copy of it.The school expects the guardian to sign the holiday home work slip and submit it with entry of the child on the next working day. And should the child fail to provide a duly signed slip he will not be allowed to enter the classes. The child’s parent will then have to come to school and provide an acceptable reason for the default.Only genuine medical certificates will be accepted in case of sickness.

The students are guided in to accepting desirable norms of behavior, and care is taken to avoid the automatic infliction of punishment for breach of a rule. As far as possible, the students are expected to develop under the guidance and direction of the staff, in general, and in particular the class teacher who is constantly kept informed of the activities of the student. Repeated acts of misconduct or dishonesty by a student, and failure to respond to the disciplinary measure taken by the school authorities, will lead to the expulsion of the child concerned or to his or her withdrawal being required by the principal.

Inspection of school uniform, general cleanliness, and hygiene is conducted on a daily basis. All students are to reach the school in a neat and clean condition. Any default in the dress code carries with a fine . Regular default or an attempt to set a negative president will amount to removal of the child from the school. It will solemnly be the parent’s responsibility if this course of action is taken.

The Administrative Superintendent undertakes all complaints registered with the school.All parents are to consult the office of the Administrative Superintendent for all complaints or any other matter pertaining to the education of the child.

Parents are to consult the office of the manager for all matters relating to the payment of fees, transportation etc.All guardians are informed that the school administration has taken great pains to compile the information in the translated version as it has been done in good faith.

The above information is a guideline and is subject to change without notice.


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