Tuition Fees

1. All sums due to the school must be deposited in the Bank Account.
2. At no time will the school authorities be responsible for cash given to anyone on their behalf.
3. All fees are to be deposited before the 15th of every month.
4. In case there is a possible delay in payment of fees in unavoidable circumstances, the parents must intimate the principal in writing.
5. The principal can raise tuition fees without notice in the interest of the institution.
6. Exam Fees for each terminal examination is payable as mentioned in fee book.

Reserve Fund Account
The schools maintains a bank account in conjunction with Chapter 1, Section 4 of the CBSE Affiliation Bylaws’ which require our school to maintain a Reserve Fund in a Scheduled Bank. The school requires you to deposit this fund to the bank as mentioned in the fee book. This amount is refundable without any interest attached to it at the time of withdrawal of the child from the school. An application for refund of this contingency fund must be made to the principal after all dues have been cleared. A clearance from the account departments and class teacher is necessary prior to refund of the payment of application to the principal.

Promotion Criteria
The promotion of a student does not depend on the result of a single examination. To get a pass grade the student must get at least 50% marks in all subjects.The decision to promote or detain the student lies solely with the Principal.

The school encourages punctuality and all students are to reach the school no later than school time.Students who fail to meet this deadline will be sent back home. This pattern will be strictly followed and all parents are to help the school by not causing any embarrassment by requesting entrance for late comers. All students will be treated with equality in all matters.


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