The school encourages punctuality and all students are to reach the school no later than school time.Students who fail to meet this deadline will be sent back home. This pattern will be strictly followed and all parents are to help the school by not causing any embarrassment by requesting entrance for late comers. All students will be treated with equality in all matters.

The following categories of students will be withdrawn from the school.
1. Students whose fees are in arrears.
2. Students who fail to show satisfactory progress and are unwilling or unable to profit from the educational programmes of the school.
3. Students whose conduct is harmful to the interest of the school in opinion of the principal.
4. Students who fail twice in the same class and whose academic achievement is below average.
5. Students who remain absent for a long duration without any valid reason or without intimation.
6. The school will not take responsibility for a studentís performance if the parents does not show adequate interest or the child is continually absent from class.
7. If a child is found to be a regular defaulter the parent will be called up and asked to solve the problem. Should the problem persist and the guardian not show interest in taking corrective action the school will ask the parents to withdraw the child.
8. Each guardian is advised in advance that the school will take strict action against anyone who does not help towards the development of the child or even set a bad president for others. The school will immediately terminate the childís admission and it will be the parentís responsibility for the action taken.


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